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July 11, 2017

07:33:00 PM (129 days, 15h, 15min ago)

Another Day

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Just another day in my uninteresting life.

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June 8, 2017

07:22:00 PM (162 days, 15h, 26min ago)

Back Again

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Well, it turns out that I have Scoliosis, and arthritis in my back. Will deal with it the best I Can.



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April 6, 2017

06:37:00 PM (225 days, 16h, 11min ago)

Another Infrequent Post

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  • Music: Take this job and shove it.

Not much to talk about here. I've been working thru some back pain. It is not that bad now, but for a few week in late Feb./ Early March there was some muscle spasms. I did talk to the doctor. Had a few x-rays done, but not much else done for the back. There is a little pain, but not much else.

Work is really busy because of spring break. I'm really getting burned out. 


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