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April 5, 2016

07:46:00 PM (357 days, 23h, 49min ago)

Gone Far To Long

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  • Music: My Church - by Maren Morris

Another busy day at work, and not much else to say.

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August 4, 2013

06:57:51 PM (1333 days, 0h, 37min ago)

Long time no see.

  • Mood: Very Blah

Been elsewhere so long. That I've forgotten that this was still here. That's what I get for paying to much attention to Facebook.   I am getting very burnt out at work. I've very little interest in being there any more.  Not even vacation time seems to help there.



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December 18, 2011

11:08:50 AM (1928 days, 7h, 26min ago)

RPG Pesonality Test

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